Finish that Typeface!

Seeing your typeface in the wild for the first time is one of the most significant achievements for a typeface designer. However, making a typeface is labor-intensive and can sometimes feel like the process will never end. Like many, you will go through stages of being very motivated and productive, only to hit a snag where you’re not sure how or what to do next. Rather than giving up, let me help you break down the process into manageable stages and be your second set of eyes so you can finish that typeface efficiently.

I’ve helped over 450 graphic designers make a typeface, email me to find out how I can help you finish that typeface!

One-on-one coaching is best suited for:

• Students currently studying typeface design
• Graduate type design students with a typeface to finish
• Type designers needing a second set of eyes
• Type designers releasing with a foundry
• Foundries requiring support for their designers
• Independent graphic designers dabbling in type design
• Established designers who want to learn more

What you get:

• Guidance on moving forward with a structured process
• Exemplars and pdf downloads
• InDesign proofing documents (See below)
• 20-minute zoom one-on-one reviews
• Access to the Typemasters community (8 sessions)
• Contact via Slack (8 sessions)

Email me to book your session

Prices as at November 13, 2023

What designers said about one-on-one coaching.

Troy's weekly coaching classes gave me the tools to feel more confident when it comes to building out my typefaces and held me accountable for making progress on them. Chris Caldwell - Type Designer, New York, NY
Typemasters is about how Troy teaches, motivates and is supportive, how he deconstructs misconceptions, and also about his precision and attention to detail. Cristina Lopes - Designer & Futurist, Portugal
Working with Troy has opened doors to my understanding type on a more profound level, even after my teaching typography classes for a few decades. Laura Chessin - Associate Professor of Graphic Design VCUarts, Richmond, VA
It’s really helpful to have a second set of trained eyes at a high professional level like Troy to help look at the design. TienMin Liao - Typeface Designer, New York, NY
Troy’s comprehensive critiques forced me to zero in on details I had overlooked and were essential in refining my designs—ultimately raising them to a higher level. Kevin Foley - Art Director/Graphic Designer, Takasaki, Japan
Feedback in type design is especially critical. And feedback from someone with Troy’s level of expertise comes with insights and an eye for detail that have significantly expanded my understanding of type and type design. Dave Wilson - Graphic Designer & Copywriter, Morristown, NJ

Read extended versions of the reviews here.