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A mannered, upright, unconnected script, with a touch of ’tude is how we describe Sedgwick. An artwork in itself, Sedgwick creates an eye-catching texture on the page and is perfect for short poetic texts and exquisite word-marks. While the lowercase creates the rhythm—the uppercase, figures, and punctuation offer unique and unexpected forms allowing you to add visual appeal to your story.

Sedgwick’s forms were inspired by the structure and stroke of the Nieuw Javaansch No.1 typeface of Lettergieterij Amsterdam 1909, an unreleased revival by Troy in 2012, and the unique form and texture of the civilité types of the 15th and 16th century. The name ‘Sedgwick’ is inspired by Warhol’s muse—Edie Sedgwick—the factory girl with timeless charm and composure.

Designed by Troy Leinster © 2023.

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