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Typically typefaces with contrast fall into two main categories, ‘Translation’ where the contrast axis is about 120 degrees with the thin part of the stroke appearing top left and bottom right of the letterform, influenced by the broad-nib pen, or ‘Expansion’ where the contrast axis is at 90 degrees with the thin parts of the stroke appearing top and bottom of the letterform, influenced by the pointed-nib pen. The contrast system is created by observing stroke relationships derived from either calligraphic models.

Aligne is a high contrast geo sans family that doesn’t follow either calligraphic model, but finds relationships in the shapes of the letterforms rather than the strokes that make up the letterforms. The heavy exterior shapes are the focus, with additional contrasting thin strokes distributed throughout, creating the appearance the letters have been assembled on the page. 

Aligne is available in five weights from Light to Black, or as a variable font for adjusting weight grades with fine precision.

Aligne was designed by Troy Leinster © 2023 and is exclusive to Leinster Type.

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