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Brisbane is an economically proportioned humanist sans serif designed for use in branding, wayfinding, and text settings. The family of ten styles offers a range of weights from light to bold with accompanying Italics. Also available as a variable font for adjusting weight grades with fine precision. OpenType Features provide useful alternates for enhancing character recognition at a distance, and a selection of orientation and location devices. You can see Brisbane in use as the main font choice on our website.

The design of Brisbane was inspired by the capital city of Queensland, Australia. Over the last decade the city has been transformed from a large country town to a contemporary metropolis, and is now positioned to share its talent and beauty with an international audience at the Olympic Games of 2032.

Brisbane was designed by Troy Leinster © 2012.

• Print
• Wayfinding
• Exhibition Design
• Branding
• Motion
• Web/Screen
• Variable Font
Film ticket for Linotype: The Film using the Brisbane typeface
Brisbane typeface, replace primes with alphabetic abbreviation for Feet and Inches.
Brisbane typeface, prebuilt fractions for half, one quarter and three quarters.
Brisbane typeface, alternate lowercase "i" and 'l" for enhancing character recognition at a distance.
Brisbane typeface, relaxed lowercase 'y' alternate.
Brisbane typeface, numero sign for use instead of number sin or hash.
Brisbane typeface, oldstyle figures for use with lowercase letters.
Brisbane typeface, raised colon for use with lining figures or all caps.
Brisbane typeface, ligatures to manage awkward character combinations
Brisbane typeface, symbols for buttons online or indicating preferences on printed forms.
Brisbane typeface, orientation devices for use online or wayfinding.
Brisbane typeface, circled alphanumerics for location devices.
Brisbane typeface, ampersand.
Brisbane typeface, cap letter Q in upright and italic.
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